Driving Safety and More

As the famous saying goes, “With great power, comes greater responsibility.” Such is the case with being the owner of any gleaming new four wheeler; you have an alluring beauty in your hands that you just cannot get enough of, but there is a limit to which you can revel in the joy. This is exactly why we have compulsory monthly sessions on road safety, and for those who cannot attend, the minutes of meting are mailed across. We also encourage all members to go ahead and take part in road safety campaigns. A closer study of the following parameters in your area will probably help you gain a better understanding of what lies ahead in terms of driving safety, where we are doing great and where exactly the change is required:-

  • Understand the process of calculating Road Safety Ratings, and thereon checking out the Road Safety Ratings in your particular locality, vicinity or your drive trails
  • Studying the Time Effect Graph to check out its overall impact on safe driving and overall traffic safety
  • As far as the statistics of those Killed or Seriously Injured in Four Wheeler Accidents are concerned (shortened to KSI Statistics), a closer look at the figures for your city and state will literally open your eyes, and force you to take road safety and traffic rules to the utmost seriousness.

Working towards Zero Closures

Cordoning off specified routes or areas for four wheelers is perfectly sensible when there is some kind of maintenance activity or road construction work being routed in the area. But there are times when such closures happen without any particular staunch reason, and our Four Wheel Drive Association has been gearing up to collectively rally against the same. As four wheel drivers and members of the association, you will therefore gain access to better drive routes and even get to drive though trails where non-members are not allowed. At the end of the day, our collective aim is to work towards zero drive path closures for all our esteemed members, and this would only be possible with the collective support and contribution of all.