Are You Facing Any Access Issues?

We are forever committed towards enhancing the available driving routes, and ensuring a superlative experience for all our members. In our quest to ensure zero closures and perfection, it might happen so that certain access issues do not feature in our purview. This does not mean that we are being negligent or not prioritizing the same. It only means that there could have been other busier drive paths under our lens right now, which is why we probably missed out on what you noticed. Therefore, we encourage you as a member, to come forward and intimate of such cases, so that we can collectively chart out an action plan to resolve them as amicably as possible.

Viewing Shared Spaces on a larger scale

When we speak of our own rights as four wheeler owners, it goes without saying that roads, traffic rules and traffic safety features, at the end of the day, are, meant for the peaceful sharing of all users. This includes 4 wheeler users, motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, pedestrians and most importantly even the animals, which could b strays or pets. Each and every entity on the road is significant, and all traffic regulations and legislations need to be framed keeping in mind each and every being. Numerous Information Campaigns have been planned, shared and popularized, as far as the harmonious sharing of vehicular shared spaces, and traffic safety is concerned. Citizens are in fact encouraged to rate the different high-traffic and medium-traffic roads in their localities for their respective safety index, and rally for better driving conditions.