Highway Safety: Encompassing the Mandatory Features

As drivers, we have every right to demand that the most basic and mandatory safety features on highways be maintained well at any given point of time. But it is also up to use to keep our vigilance intact, and report to the concerned authorities about any mismatch in our respective zones or any kind of non-compliance of rules from any entity. For any system to be successful, a regular check and balance is an absolute must. Here’s a gist of the safety features that need to span all motorways, freeways and interstate highways as per US Regulations. Please note that some variations might be applicable from state to state, but the basic thumb rules remain more or less the same.

  • Restrictive Access from adjoining areas depending upon their capacity
  • Regular checking to ensure the complete elimination of all roadside obstacles
  • Regulating the entry of slow vehicles in fast zones with less speed-regulating checks
  • The gradual and much-needed removal of freeway and motorway toll check booths
  • Placement of Median Dividers as a must, especially in curvy and high speed prone zones