Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association
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the official quarterly newsletter of SWFWDA

The official publication of the Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association is 4WDrive Lines. All members receive a copy of the newsletter. If you are not receiving your copy, verify with your club that your correct address information has been forwarded to the Membership Secretary.

4WDrive Lines is published quarterly approximately on March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th. Dates are subject to change based on quarterly meeting dates. Material submitted for publication must be received 15 days before publication. Material should be submitted to the SWFWDA Newsletter Editor.

The views expressed in 4WDrive Lines are not necessarily the views of the entire SWFWDA. Contact the editor to determine the best format for your article and/or photos.

Business Ad Rates (per issue)

1/8 page or business card $10.00
1/4 page $20.00
1/2 page $35.00
Full page $60.00
Back Page $75


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