Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association
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Land Action Fund

The Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association's Land Action Fund was established in the summer of 1997 to support the Association's goals and interest in obtaining and preserving mechanized access to public lands for the purposes of recreation, education, research, and other appropriate and legitimate activities. The Fund is funded and sustained through voluntary contributions. The intended uses of the fund include:  

  • Contributions to support legal actions undertaken by SWFWDA and other organizations in the support of continued access to our public lands.
  • Communication on public land access issues that are of interest and importance to SWFWDA and the mechanized recreation community.

The membership of SWFWDA has vested the power to administer the Fund in the Board of Directors. Contributions from entities other than SWFWDA members are welcome and subject to acceptance by the Board of Directors. Contributions may be sent to:  
SWFWDA Land Use Fund 
c/o SWFWDA Treasurer 
3530 W 165th St.
Scranton, KS  66537
Mobile Phone: 913-706-2831 

Look for the bright blue Land Action Fund collection box at the next SWFWDA event you attend.

Donations can be made using Visa and Master Charge via PayPal making payments to the email address for the treasurer. 


The Lands You Save Are Your Own!